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Webuyciscorouters.com carries a wide variety of Optics and Transceivers including new, used and refurbished OEM Original units and 100% Compatibles.  Webuyciscorouters.com is your one stop shop for both New, used and compatible Transceivers from the top OEMs like Cisco, Juniper, BTI and Brocade.   Whether you are looking to upgrade your entire network, or purchase a handful of Optics or Transceivers,  the knowledgeable team at webuyciscorouters.com can help.

Cisco Xenpak-10GB-SR


Cisco Xenpak-10GB-SR

Cisco Xenpak-10GB-SRCisco XENPAK-10GB-SRCisco Xenpack 	10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable




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